When friends get together,
only good things can happen…

Reservoir Distillery is a multiple Double Gold award-winning distillery located in Richmond, Virginia, created by proprietors and lifelong friends Jay Carpenter and David Cuttino. While tailgating at a Virginia Tech football game and enjoying a respected brand-name bourbon, we decided that – if we combined our innate talents and passions for fine whiskey – we could produce a highly exceptional spirit that reflected our Virginia roots and desire to bring our friends and family together. Just like that, Reservoir was born.

Instead of pushing a volume product to market, we chose to focus on creating three unique whiskies that embodied our discerning palates, local ingredients, and Southern culture. Our dedication to those goals meant sacrificing output for unassailable quality. Reservoir uses an in-house, customized potstill, and we meticulously measure the heads to ensure our process remains faithful to the true character of the hearts. All of our mash bills are 100% expressions of the finest locally-sourced grain. Our Wheat whiskey is 100% wheat. Our Rye whiskey is 100% rye. Our Bourbon is 100% corn. We are able to produce an extraordinary aged profile by using small barrels, which increases the wood surface area to distillate ratio and allows for faster, comprehensive aging.

Unlike other brands focused on quantity, Reservoir does not follow a set schedule for aging; instead, we personally taste every barrel to determine when it is ready. In fact, we will age some 5-gallon barrels as long as two years which is the equivalent to 15 or more years in a 53-gallon barrel. Whiskey flavor profiles will shift depending on proof and temperature, so we proof every bottle to 100 so that consumers can adjust the whiskey to suit their particular tastes. It takes a personal touch to make an exceptional whiskey, and just like our distilling process, our bottling procedures are hands-on and end with each bottle being personally signed by one of our dedicated distillers. Reservoir’s goal is to provide our customers with impeccably crafted products and, hopefully, an experience that enhances their lives.

If you are new to Reservoir and our products, we recommend tasting the Wheat Whiskey first, followed by the Bourbon, and finally the Rye. Begin with the Wheat because it is lighter and will be overwhelmed by the smokier and more pronounced Reservoir Bourbon and Rye. The Rye comes last because it is simply so big and complex it dominates the palate. Please feel free to get in touch with us any time if you have questions about any of our products and how to enjoy them!