You asked and we listened!  We are setting up a Buy-a-Barrel program so you can purchase the contents of an entire single barrel to take home with you.  Below is a general outline of how the program will work.  For more information or to reserve your barrel today please email us at

Stop by the distillery to select and sign your personal 5-gallon barrel of bourbon. We will house it here at the distillery until it reaches your chosen level of agedness. Once it's ready, we will bottle it for you (you're welcome to help if you would like!). You can sign your bottles or personalize them by creating your own labels.

Each barrel requires a $1,200 retaining fee. The final price for the entire contents of your barrel will depend on the actual number of bottles that you get out of the barrel (typically around 30). We age our whiskey for 1-1.5 years.  You are welcome to leave your bourbon to age a little longer by paying an extra small percentage fee for the additional time.

*10 gallon barrels are available at different pricing. For now, the program is limited to bourbon rather than rye or wheatBarrels