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A Gold and Silver Lining

June 10, 2021
Nick and Dave of Reservoir Distillery

I think it’s safe to say that we’re in a state of flux.

Change has touched all of us—its long fingertips stretching across the globe and unsettling our well-worn and comforting routines.

We all have stories—or will have stories—and it’s of paramount importance we share them.

Our stories bind us together. The chapters in the Book of Life.

We wanted to share a page of Reservoir’s story and give you a quick “back of the jacket flap” peek into what’s unfolding here at the distillery.

Yes, our team is still making whiskey—a reliable, dependable comfort we’re determined to provide. But we’re making more than that.

We’re brewing up disinfectants— hand sanitizer for all locals, for businesses, for industry.

We’re handing out soap from neighboring hotels—a partnership that has proved touching and surprising.

We’re raising money for the Holli Fund—an organization that supports individuals in the Richmond-area food service industry who are going through this wretched economic crisis.

And we’re dishing up a steady stream of fortifying words, encouraging our neighbors to work together, help one another, and offer what they can.

So perhaps Fate glanced over her shoulder at just the right time and caught a glimpse of what we’ve been doing. Maybe the universe decided a boost to our “spirits” would keep us on track.

Receiving the notice that our whiskies were awarded seven medals in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition could not have come at a better time.

Our ryes received two gold medals.

Our bourbons won three silver.

Holland’s Milkman snagged a silver too.

And our wheat now sports a bronze.

The judges state that not only are these medals a testament to our hard work, but that they are universally recognized indicators of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

We think it shows that we care.

We care about our craft, our customers, and our community.

We hope, in some measurable way, we are making more than whiskey. We hope we are making a difference.

~ Your Reservoir family