Our Founding Bottles

EST. 2008


With a 100% wheat mash bill, our Wheat Whiskey is the softest of our three expressions and unique to any other American style whiskey on the market. Our wheat produces a buttery, savory, and smooth spirit that proves to be an excellent introductory whiskey.​

Tasting notes:

NOSE: Port, hint of oak, honey, and caramel notes

PALATE: Velvet texture, sweet but not cloying (given the lack of corn), perfumed notes of rose petals​

FINISH: Orange peels, herbaceous, and honeyed with a long lasting mouth feel


Our Bourbon is a one-of-a-kind, 100% corn mash bill. It's the most traditional of our house expressions, boasting a beautiful midpoint balance of sweetness that lies somewhere between the soft signature of the Wheat and the sharp spice of the Rye.

Tasting notes:

NOSE: Vanilla, chalk, corn, and toast​

Char, pencil shavings, coffee, and pecan with a medium to full body

​FINISH: Tobacco leaf transitioning into a lingering sweet cherry finish


In the crowded world of "High Ryes" on the market, we are proud to offer the highest with a 100% rye mash bill. Sourced from just outside Richmond's city limits, our rye provides an intense, sharply spiced profile that is not too sweet.

Tasting notes:

NOSE: Honey and crème brûlée, rye spice and yeast, some orange peel/citrus tones​

PALATE: Sweet notes of dark chocolate, anise, spicy with pepper

​FINISH: Resolves into a dry finish leaving cola and molasses on the tongue, classic rye shortstop

hunter and scott

EST. 2017
Hunter and Scott

Bourbon Whiskey

The Hunter & Scott Bourbon is for the cocktail mixer, a neat pour at the bar, or even the everyday sipper. This spirit is a blend of Reservoir’s single grain whiskies meticulously married with hand-selected Kentucky and Indiana whiskies that are complementing and highlighting the flavors of Virginia.

Tasting notes:

NOSE: Vanilla with hints of tea, pitted fruit and tobacco

PALATE: Candied cinnamon, caramel, burnt sugar and butterscotch

FINISH: Balanced with a rye kick and long wheat tail

Hunter and Scott

Rye Whiskey

The Hunter & Scott Rye Whiskey is for the cocktail mixer, a neat pour at the bar, or even the everyday sipper. Our Hunter & Scott rye grains are sourced locally and produce a smooth, balanced, and incredibly versatile Virginia whiskey.

Tasting notes:

NOSE: Black tea, pine, light honey, and cookie dough with a hint of cinnamon.​

PALATE: Herbal tea, floral, cracked pepper, and lightly sweet with spice.​

FINISH: Spicy and warm with a lingering spicy sweetness.

Holland's Series

Holland's Ghost

This luscious bourbon of 70% Corn, 15% Wheat, and 15% Rye matures in our one-of-a-kind alligator char "small barrel" casks for a minimum of two to three years, and is then finished in a local Richmond, VA stout barrel for up to two and one half years. Bottled at 107 proof, these limited bottlings are released only two to three times per year.

Tasting notes:

NOSE: Spicy, peach, vanilla, orange marmalade, gingerbread, toasted pecans

PALATE: Malty, banana candy, rhubarb pie, chocolate gateau, autumn baking spices

FINISH: Lemon, citrus, sugar candy, deeply warming, mouth-coating, cinnamon, nutmeg

Holland's blade rummer

Holland's Blade Rummer has a mash bill of 15% Wheat, 70% Corn, 15% Rye, is aged for two years in quarter casks and then finished for up to three years in an 53 gallon rum barrel. This whiskey has been awarded a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition. Bottled at 107 proof, these limited bottlings are released once per year.

Tasting notes:

NOSE: Licorice, sherry, caramel, rich coffee, crème brûlée, rum funk, and vanilla

PALATE: Cedar, mint, sugar cookie, blackberry, saltwater taffy, a rush of heat and coffee

FINISH: Spicy with a little heat, wintergreen, and cinnamon with a long earthy finish

Holland's milkman

Holland's Milkman has a mouth-coating mashbill of 15% Wheat, 70% Corn, and 15% Rye. It's aged for a minimum of two years in quarter casks and finished for twelve to eighteen months in a 53 gallon milk stout barrel. These soul-warming flavors of milk chocolate and toasty condensed milk are bottled at 107 proof and are released in limited batches once per year.

Tasting notes:

NOSE: Dry chai spices and cedar. Warmed honey that opens up to fresh pipe tobacco

​PALATE: Spicy heat up front…clove and cinnamon, good ol' southern sweet tea, then the dark chocolate of Tootsie Rolls.

FINISH: Lingering spicy heat that is surprisingly smooth, syrupy coating with cinnamon, mint, and cocoa


Mash Up Series


We worked with local brewery, Ardent Craft Ales to form our first ever collaboration whiskey. We distilled the grain from an Ardent IPA and finished it in our bourbon barrels. We were met with a flavor profile that was citrusy, floral, hoppy and completely unique.


Hardywood Park Craft Brewery let us experiment with their wildly popular Gingerbread Stout. We took the stout and aged it with the same technique we use for our bourbon. The result was unlike any other spirit available. People called it "Christmas in a glass" with subtle hints of the base beer, locally produced ginger, clove and honey.


Reservoir loves doing collaborations, but occasionally we have an opportunity to do something extraordinary and incredibly fun. We're here to introduce a very special bottling for American retired professional mixed martial artist, undefeated boxer and kickboxer, and the inaugural UFC Lightweight Champion, Jens Pulver.

Imagine sweetened notes of barley and corn blending with Reservoir’s iconic wheat and rye. We’ve secured the best hand-picked Kentucky barrels to marry with our finest Virginia Reservoir casks—a formidable whiskey we call Evil100. With a nose of tropically scented bread and toasted caramel, rich butterscotch emerges with an ever so slightly spicy finish. Technically, this whiskey is a knockout combination and packs a powerful 100-proof punch.

Reservoir's Cognac Cask Experience

At last, we're thrilled to announce the product of a magnificent collaboration between Reservoir Distillery and the renowned French cognac maker, François Voyer.

For Reservoir’s Cask Experience, we selected a whiskey from our warehouse that married with the flavors of the cognac. François Voyer sent a 100-gallon Limousine barrel previously holding a 2016 cognac which was immediately filled with Reservoir fully matured wheated rye whiskey. It then spent nearly five additional months in the cask acquiring subtle and sophisticated cognac notes until it was ready to be bottled.

The result is an incredibly delicate whiskey with hints of orange zest, honey and light vanilla on the nose. On the palate, you may taste nutmeg, ground cinnamon, peach, apricot and a hint of hibiscus. The finish rounds out with a balanced mix of citrus, floral, green pepper and oak.

Distillery Release Only Bourbon

We’ve hunted through the warehouse and found three perfect small barrels:

  • One 10-gallon wheat barrel nearly three years old
  • One 5-gallon corn barrel at 2 ½ years old
  • One 10-gallon rye barrel, also nearly three years old

At 65% corn, 25% wheat, and 10% rye, we’ve swirled together a sumptuous blend—a luscious bourbon that is “Distillery Release Only.”This means, as we have less than 30  375ml bottles for sale, that snagging one of these beauties will happen either at Reservoir’s distillery itself, or online through our Virginia-only bottle shop.

Limited TIme Offerings

Below is a look at what might be offered at any time, but for up-to-date availability click here


Maison de Cuivre (The Copper House) is Reservoir’s flagship bourbon--our 100% corn whiskey--finished off in a Burgundy Grand Cru cask for an additional 18 months. The result is a juicy marriage of fruit and grain.

Bursting with the flavor of ripe red fruits from the barrel’s previous grapes, the small batch yearly releases of our red wine-finished whiskey pour out the flavors of velvety smooth toffee, tobacco, and oak notes imbued within our bourbon.

Maison de Cuivre is an LTO--a “limited time offering” long on flavor, but not long in stock. Produced in partnership with Michael Shaps--award winning vintner in America & France.

Tasting notes:

NOSE: Fig and apricot stone fruit, sugary notes of flossy cotton candy.

PALATE: Luscious, syrupy mouthfeel, where sweet tobacco and wine grapes come through right as the transition to the finish begins. One will notice this batch is not as tannic.

FINISH: Sweetened green tea and some rising chili pepper heat linger at the end.

Cask Experience: Cognac Finish

The Reservoir Cask Experience is a collaboration between Reservoir Distillery and the Cognac house of François Voyer—an artisanal producer whose history dates back five generations. The house is respected as "a well-kept secret, one that connoisseurs might pass amongst each other."

We hand-selected several fully matured whiskies that beautifully married with the flavors of the cognac. François Voyer sent a 100-gallon Limousin barrel previously holding a 2016 cognac, which was immediately filled with Reservoir’s chosen spirit—a wheated rye whiskey (35% wheat and 65% rye). It then spent five additional months in the cask, acquiring sophisticated cognac notes until it was ready to be bottled.

Tasting notes:

NOSE: Orange zest, honey, and light vanilla

PALATE: Tastes of nutmeg, ground cinnamon, peach, apricot and a hint of hibiscus

FINISH: A balanced mix of citrus, floral, cracked pepper and oak.

For bottle purchase, please contact sales@reservoirdistillery.com or (804) 912-2621

Guardian of the gloves

Reservoir recognizes the powerful and profound ways that Richmond has supported our dream to create something worthy—to highlight a product we believe reflects the people and the provenance behind it. And now, along with Vintage Boxing Gym, we want to highlight and assist the development of a mission that can bolster the success of others in our hometown.

We’re introducing Vintage’s Guardian of the Gloves. With our commitment of support, we can shape one another’s direction and future, creating an authentic, communal narrative Richmonders will be proud to tell.

For every purchased bottle, funding goes directly towards Vintage's 501-c3 which will fortify up and coming young fighters through the maze of costly training ($10 for 750mL and $5 for 375mL)—empowering them to become a champion in and out of the ring.

Grey Ghost 5yr BIB

As we work to craft exceptional flavors to bottle in the future, we here at Reservoir get especially excited to peek into the past. Releasing a BIB whiskey is a noteworthy milestone for many distilleries. To fulfill the regulation requirements, you must be made by one distiller, at one distillery, during one season, proofed at 100, and aged for no less than four years in a bonded warehouse. And we’ve made that happen, once again.

Our Grey Ghost BIB whiskey is crafted from 100% locally grown Virginia rye and has been aging in 5-gallon Gibb casks since February of 2018—maturing for nearly five years. With unparalleled attention to detail from farm to “finally in your glass,” we think you’ll agree, this spirit was worth waiting for.

Tasting notes:

NOSE: Notes of crisp granny smith apple mixed with the pungent spices of orange zest, clove, juniper, and white pepper.

PALATE: The apple and citrus peel shine through while the medium body carries in star anise as well.

FINISH: The apple peel remains, accompanied by a touch of burnt caramel and barrel char. A long finish mellowing to dark sugared notes topping the remaining fruit and spice.



Reservoir Distillery offers a bespoke bottle and barrel program to those wishing to make a bold statement with signature spirit ownership. Four tiers of selectivity provide an array of choices that will reflect the style and needs of a club, a retail establishment, a family, or business. Your investment in our distinctive whiskey should represent your singular sentiments. From the most intricate details of etching to the shared vision of distillation, we’re tailoring a Reservoir whiskey experience especially for you.

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