Reservoir gives Back

Reservoir is greatly honored by the support we receive from our community, and we’re dedicated to return that support to those in need and wherever we can.​

As we continue our commitment to specific organizations within Community Arts, Education, Health, and the LGBTQ community, we’ve also decided to contribute 12 items each year to support donation requests for events such as silent auctions.

​These items may be anything from a certificate for a distillery tour and tasting, to Reservoir merchandise, or also membership to our beloved Alligator Char Society.​

If you or your organization wishes to be considered for one of these spots, we ask that you send an email request to with your name, organization name, and date of the event. We will then place your request for donation onto our list for consideration to participate in our Reservoir Gives Back Program.

​Thank you for thinking of us, for supporting us, and equally as important, for giving us an opportunity to lend a hand in gratitude.​

~The Reservoir Team