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"Make it a Double is the bible for whisky lovers and wannabes alike. Showcasing [Sackier's] amazing personality and extreme knowledge on the subject, Make it a Double should definitely be on your reading list." ––Reservoir’s Director of Distillery Education, Shelley Sackier, provides a fresh new take on the standard world of whiskey books. Make It A Double is now available for purchase.

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Spring and summer books from Virginia authors

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Food & Beverage Magazine

"Make it a Double is the bible for whisky lovers and wannabes alike. Showcasing [Sackier's] amazing personality and extreme knowledge on the subject, Make it a Double should definitely be on your reading list." ––Food & Beverage Magazine


An excerpt from Make it a Double : The Place Where I Learned How to Make a Scotsman Blush

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Reservoir Distillery's Shelley Sackier releases memoir about 'one woman's lifelong discovery of whisky'

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Drew Beard's Review of Make It a Double

"There is a little bit in Make it a Double for everyone whether you’re looking for a travel guide, a history book, a how-to on whisky production, or even a bit of self-help. And while you can find lots of that stuff in other books, Ms. Sackier’s assemblage is first rate. The tall tales are of a variety that you only really get from some of the best Scottish distillery tour guides."

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Publisher's Weekly Review of Make it a Double

"Sackier (The Antidote), director of distillery education at Virginia’s Reservoir Distillery, details her “unquenchable thirst” for all things whisky in this spirited and witty blend of memoir and booze history. The result yields an exhilarating taste of the world of whisky."

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WhiskyCast Podcast with Mark Gillespie

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Make It A Double with Shelley Sackier | The FR Pod


Bourbon with Friends


'Make it A Double' Virginia author does deep dive on whiskey

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"Part travel memoir, part coming of age story the book walks readers through the science and history of whiskey making – alongside Sackier’s own shot-sized, laugh-out-loud, personal stories."

Cooking in Mexican From A to Z with Aarón Sánchez, Zarela Martínez

Whiskey in Mexico - In Years Past and Today

Whiskey Women Podcast

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Barrel Room Chronicles


Dram Fine Podcast

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ABV Network's The Bourbon Daily Show

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"I thought [the book] was fun to read. I thought it read like a diary—like one’s drinking journal and I loved it."

Embellish Podcast

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TRE in the Afternoon with Hannah Murray

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Cask Chasers Podcast

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The Perks of Being a Book Lover Podcast

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Booze Dancing Livestream Interview

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"A fun and funny whisky fueled chat with Shelley Sackier. a dram good time!"

Fearless Fabulous You with Melanie Young


Women & Whiskey Podcast

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"Let me start by saying I’m not a reader—but I loved this book. It is so funny and easy to read and the historical stories and the personal stories are just wonderful. It has everything. It’s educational and funny and just really great. I want everyone to go out and buy a copy because I know they won’t regret it.

In your book you say that women must go the extra mile to get the standard mileage to be seen as an expert, and you definitely are an expert, so mission accomplished." ~ Leigh Ann Simms

Capital City Bourbon


Shelley Sackier reads an excerpt from Make it a Double on Holy Guacamole! podcast with Martha Lucias

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Chesterfield Public Library Reading and Tasting

October 22, 2022
Chesterfield Public Library
Chesterfield, VA

Kramer's Bookstore Reading and Q&A with Shelley and Morgan Kirchner of the Fountain Inn

July 12, 2022
Kramer's Bookstore
Washington, DC 20036
For more info or to RSVP

Carmichaels Bookstore - A copper conversation with Shelley Sackier and Dave Scheurich, former master distiller for Woodford Reserve

June 30, 2022
Carmichaels Bookstore
Louisville, KY

“Shelley Sackier weaves the magic of Scotland into a tapestry of flavors, aromas, sounds, Gaelic language, audacious wit, intriguing landscape, and of course, whisky. Her writing is artistry through wordsmithing leaving me with an unquenchable yearning for a wee dram of whisky and an urge to run through the house wearing nothing but a sporran. Here’s to hoping there’s a follow up to Make It A Double!”

— Dave Scheurich Original distiller of Woodford Reserve (1996-2011) and master distiller of Boondocks Whiskey Brands

Shaq & Coco - A copper conversation with Shelley Sackier and Steffani Scheurich, Founder, High Spirits Marketing

June 29, 2022
Shaq & Coco
Bardstown, KY

- A copper conversation with Shelley Sackier and Dave Cuttino, founder of Reservoir Distillery

June 23, 2022
The Whiskey Snug
Weston, MO

Mitch E Amaro - A copper conversation with Shelley Sackier and Dave Cuttino, founder of Reservoir Distillery

June 22, 2022
Mitch E Amaro
Kansas City, MO

Greedy Reads - A copper conversation with Shelley Sackier and Chelsea Gregoire, named America's Beverage Director of the Year by Esquire Magazine and owner of Church Bar

June 18, 2022
Baltimore, MD

Fountain Bookstore w/ Reservoir Distillery presents a Copper Conversation with author Shelley Sackier and Reservoir Director of Communications, Leslie Griles.

June 12, 2022
Reservoir Distillery
Richmond, VA

"The launch event we did for Shelley Sackier was spectacular. Incredibly informative and warm, inspirational and funny. I can't wait to work with her again!"

“What a rich and rewarding blend of memoir, journal, and whisky insights. Shelley Sackier animates the text with her warm, engaging personality, and portrays her whisky journey with wit and wisdom. If this book was a dram it would have a rich, rounded character to savor, and lead to a long finish that provides plenty to think about.”
 Ian Wisniewski, writer and broadcaster, author of The Whisky Dictionary and four other books, contributor to Whisky Magazine and the Malt Whisky Yearbook—

“It's a story familiar to any whiskey geek—a sip of Scotch leads to an obsession and eventually a dream job at a distillery. Make it a Double follows one woman's journey merging her obsession with her profession.”
Maggie Kimberl, Content Editor, American Whiskey Magazine

"Laugh out loud funny and filled with great insights"

"Shelley's prose is witty and engaging"

"A must read and a great gift for anyone who enjoys travel, humorous memoirs, and of course, whisky (or wishes they did!)"

"Whether you are new to whisky or have been partaking for years, there is something for you in here."

"Earlier this month, I was introduced to the world of Shelley Sackier via "Make it a Double".  At first glance, I thought it another large bartender's guide to some new and wonderful drinks. I am happy that I was totally wrong! I've been a blended scotch drinker since . . . oh well, a very long time.  Although I have tried several single malts, I simply did not want to give up on my many colored Johnny Walker offerings. That is until you got me with the afore said tome. I truly enjoyed each page. I traveled with you on your trip and was awed by the experience. I thank you for your book and I hope many more."
John Napier
Scotch drinker since 1964

I’m not a whisky fan, so I found this book to be a happy surprise. Jump into it for the memoir— keep reading for the uber-nerdy fun of knowing how this all works. This is a great read, with more than a few laugh-out-loud moments.

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