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June 10, 2021
Alligator Char Society - Reservoir Distillery Logo

Let’s have a toast. A salute to the launching of Reservoir’s hottest, new creation. Actually, we should probably have a char, as that’s what we’re essentially unveiling: The Alligator Char Society – a members-only club for fans of Reservoir Distillery.

We know that whenever one thinks of an alligator, a monocled, top-hatted conquistador is probably what comes to mind. And sure, it’s a sexy sort of image that’s easy to embrace. But to us, an alligator char is an essential element of what makes Reservoir’s whiskies so polished.

To achieve the flavor and texture of a Reservoir whiskey, we put a lot of heat on our barrels. We prime the insides of our casks with nearly a minute of scorching fire—an intense process that opens the wood, gives us access to all the tremendous flavors buried within it, and acts as a masterful filtration system, ensuring we extract the compounds we want and eliminating all those we don’t.

It’s an unusual choice within the whiskey industry—to select so high a char, but that’s what sets our spirit apart. If we feel it elevates our whiskies, we go against the grain. And by choosing to drink our whiskies, we feel you have a spirit akin to ours. Joining the Alligator Char Society will provide you an opportunity to meet others who share your style.

Smooth, slick, elegant. The Alligator Char Society. It’s a classy, badass clan.

Come taste what it’s all about.



  • Copper membership card to all members
  • 1 ACS shirt
  • 1 Surprise welcome bottle
  • 1 ACS laser etched bottle of one of Reservoir’s Founding Bottles
  • 2 ACS glasses
  • Private distillery tour and tasting for member and a friend
  • Advance notice special events
  • Invited to exclusive ACS events
  • Ability to reserve LTO releases ACS