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Blow by Blow: Reservoir’s Collaboration with Jens Pulver – Evil100

June 14, 2021

Currently, the world is inundated with celebrity endorsed bottles of beer, wine, and spirits. There is a deluge of the glamorous, the glorious, and occasionally the infamous all popping up with a jug of something that now alluringly sports their name. But how many of these notables skipped the beakers and went straight to the bottles?

Reservoir loves doing collaborations, but occasionally we have an opportunity to do something extraordinary and incredibly fun. When we heard that someone we admired, was expressing admiration for something we created, we knew a few heads should meet to exchange a few compliments. But what we didn’t expect was the deep interest and curiosity that came from American retired professional mixed martial artist, undefeated boxer and kickboxer, and the inaugural UFC Lightweight Champion, Jens Pulver.

Jens is the type of guy who defines hungry. Whether in the ring, across the mat, or on the air, Jens’s successes seem to stem from the trifecta of observation, development, and execution. The remarkable thing that follows is a ripple effect of his genuine enthusiasm. If Jens likes what he’s doing, no doubt everyone around follows suit. He’s that infectious.  

So, when Jens graced our distillery’s doorstep, it wasn’t to be greeted by a photographer who would snap a fancy photo to slap on a label and call it a day, rather he filled that day with watching, learning, and deciding—again, that trifecta in action.

Jens first tasted our whiskey while streaming one of his play-by-play broadcasts of someone else’s fight, sharing his opinion on the techniques and skills of those who are hopeful to hear his thoughts on how they might improve. His manager, Brian Buttler, sat there with Jens, enjoying his hand-made smoked Old Fashioned, having used a whiskey Reservoir had made for him within our custom program.

At some point, a glass swapped hands, a light bulb went off, and Jens made the decision that something else just might take the place of his traditional mason jar often filled with apple pie moonshine.

We were thrilled to be a part of Jens’s next level of discovery. Of course, we’re chuffed to hear that people love our products, but there’s something extra special about a person deciding they like it so much they want to create a whiskey specific to them to share with all likeminded friends.

After learning about our processes, Jens then spent time in the “lab.” Surrounded by pipettes, cylinders, beakers, and barrels, he then worked with our distillers to build a formula where eventually the spirit he created was as unique as the spirit he possesses.

And now we’re here to introduce an incredibly special bottling that sprouted from those sessions. Imagine sweetened notes of barley and corn blending with Reservoir’s iconic wheat and rye. We’ve secured the best hand-picked Kentucky barrels to marry with our finest Virginia Reservoir casks—a formidable whiskey we call Evil100. With a nose of tropically scented bread and toasted caramel, rich butterscotch emerges with an ever so slightly spicy finish. Technically, this whiskey is a knockout combination and packs a powerful 100-proof punch.

One last note: Our launch for Evil100 is June 1st (shipping or distillery pickup is June 1st), but we'll have 1000 Jens Pulver signed bottles online for pre-sale starting May 28th (outside of Virginia, click HERE). Get 'em while you can, as you never know when the "next round" will come about.

A massive thanks to Jens and Brian. We’ve enjoyed ourselves immensely and now we’re totally hooked on a new whiskey that has knocked our socks off.


~ Reservoir