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Infectious Optimism

June 10, 2021

No doubt, the ground beneath all our feet is shifting—and this time not because we’ve had one or two sips too many.

The impact of the current pandemonium is unsettling, uncomfortable, and unwelcome, and yet … seemingly unavoidable.

The team here at Reservoir has had countless impromptu brainstorming sessions where we’ve found ourselves asking the same questions you and your work and home families have been mulling over:

How can we protect ourselves?

How can we help our neighbors?

Should we start Game of Thrones from the beginning once more?

The answer to the first one is a no-brainer in that our team must be responsible and self-regulate.

Some of us work on the production room floor and are surrounded by nothing other than the alembic—copper pots and stills that trickle out our nectar.

Some of us work in the warehouse with simply countless casks for company.

Some are nose-deep in spreadsheets—the paying of bills, the ordering of materials, the modeling of the future.

And some work as the conduits—not to transmit maladies, but rather to keep us all connected: the outreach, the education, the engagement.

Thus far, we are full steam ahead in all areas, and we count ourselves lucky to be so. If things should change, we’ll let you know.

The answer to the second question is equally as important, as we are part of a community, a symbiotic relationship that is of paramount importance and resolutely worth protecting.

As the scaffolding of our previous life is alarmingly dismantled, we’re all searching for that which remains tethered. We crave what is familiar, what is dependable, and what is trustworthy.

Staples are key—we’ve discovered that by now. But however you define the essentials—milk, eggs, bourbon—it may vary from household to household. And running out of that which provides us either the day’s necessity of calories, or the night’s indulgence of a calming dram is something we’d all like to scratch off our list of worries.

Currently, like your grocery stores, your ABC stores are still operating. And Reservoir is still open for bottle sales as well. We may not sell toilet paper, but we equate ourselves with just as much comfort as your Charmin.

Obviously, we’re all searching for ways to stave off infection, and if our elixir of life can in any way eradicate the life of this virus, then, by all means, we’ll use it.

And lastly, that whole Game of Thrones thing? Let’s just say there are probably an incalculable number of things you can do to take a break from the news:

  • Pull some weeds—it’s meditative
  • Watch all those Ken Burns documentaries you’ve been putting off—armchair education and travel
  • Play a family board game of LIFE—and talk about life.

And toast to it—with whatever you have—every precious, sometimes taken-for-granted drop of life.

Stay well, be focused, problem solve.

We’ll get through this together.