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Let's Make a Toast to our Nation's Native Spirit

June 10, 2021

August has come to and end, and I’m guessing, like most of us here at Reservoir, you are filled to the brim with all things corn. From grilled cobs to stud-filled muffins, many of us are nearly walking human corn stalks.

But … lest you forget—or did not get the memo—September is National Bourbon Heritage Month! And that means we have been searching for the best of the best to bring out of our warehouse to help celebrate America’s “Native Spirit.”

And if you missed last week’s very small bottling release of our Wheated Rye Grey Ghost, wipe your tears and consider this a heads up, as on Wednesday, September 2nd, we’re releasing the 2nd small bottling in our Grey Ghost series. This guy is all corn.

Reservoir Distillery Bourbon Whiskey barrel marked 4/24/14

It is also Bottled in Bond.

That means this whiskey was subjected to meticulous standards. It must have been made by one distiller at only one distillery and during one season, then bottled at 100 proof, and aged in a bonded warehouse for at least 4 years. It is an undeniable mark of provenance and provides the benchmarks for excellence.

With a single grain mash bill, aged for 6 ½ long years in our level 4 alligator charred 25-gallon casks, our Grey Ghost Bottled in Bond bourbon has one perfect word to describe its flavor:


In truth, there are countless other descriptors we could attach as well, like unctuous, succulent, ambrosial, and heady.

One word we definitely cannot ascribe to these bottles is everlasting. With only a few small barrels released, you’d best not tarry, as there are countless kernels of truth to the fact that this spirit is “a-maize-ing.” Don’t be the one saying “shucks,” as it will be gone in a flash.