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Lifting Hearts Through Art

June 14, 2021

I think we can all agree that breaking the law is something most parents advise their kids against doing. But I’m going to guess that artist Ed Trask’s parents may have looked the other way knowing that the illegal mural paintings the young student created around his high school was an action worthy of testing the law.

And lucky for countless people all around the globe, as Ed has painted his brazen and powerfully vibrant murals—both illegal and commissioned—from sea to shining sea. Those of us in Richmond feel especially privileged to see the growing collection of brilliantly washed walls around our city because Ed calls Richmond home.

We here at Reservoir feel particularly honored to be collaborating again with Ed (visit the distillery to see his LOVE works mural!) on his latest charity project along with Jason Lefton of the incredibly innovative laser etching shop Big Secret.


Ed is going to create ten sets of two glasses and two bottles—glassware etched with his artwork and then filled with Reservoir whiskey. The backdrop of etched glass, when placed together, will reveal the landscape of one of Richmond’s historic landmarks, the arched CSX A Line bridge—a true piece of architectural beauty stretching across the James River. These sets will then be auctioned from Ed’s Instagram (@edtrask) and Facebook accounts for the 10 days leading up to Christmas—one on each day.

If fate and fortune bend in your favor, you can win this auction bid and then thereafter, Ed's remarkable talent will get to work, and your bottles will ultimately display his etched artwork, hand-rubbed with gold. Funds collected from each set will be delivered to the Holli Fund—a charity organized to help support individuals in the Richmond-area food service industry who are experiencing an economic crisis.  

When asked about the charity choice, Ed recalled his punk rock band touring days and highlighted the importance of restaurant work in his life stating that, “Restaurants gave a backbone to all touring musicians. You come back from a tour and you could find a shift in between gigs. Waiting as a profession was respected, but it was my steppingstone. It made the wait time so much better, and it made me who I am.” Counting on these restaurants for his livelihood he added, “Collaboration is everything. We can’t see these restaurants go out of business.”

Reservoir agrees. We’re putting together a special bourbon rye blend—a nod to Ed’s favorite grain combo when tinkering as amateur blender and one he regularly made for himself at Millie’s Diner when working at the Richmond beloved eatery long ago. A second bottle will hold our barrel aged bourbon finished off in a Burgundy Grand Cru wine cask, a spirit as unique as the artist himself.


If you’re unfamiliar with Ed’s work, then definitely head to Instagram/Facebook to see a wide variety of it, or simply Google Ed’s name and read the countless articles written about many of his mural installations. Here is a website that showcases some of his gallery work. Better yet, if you’re lucky enough to live in Richmond, take a drive around the city. Coming upon one of Ed’s paintings is often like coming round the bend to see the reveal of Emerald City—awe-inspiring, and oftentimes jaw-dropping.

Then join in the auction excitement starting at 5pm on Monday, December 14th  and see if you can be one of the ten lucky recipients of our exciting project uniting artists and craftsmen, a collaboration where we lend a hand to help lift others.

The happiest of holidays to you and yours!

~ Reservoir