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Our "Blink and it's Gone" Bourbon

June 10, 2021

September’s National Bourbon Spirit month has been bountiful for Reservoir—in as far as we have found so much we want to share with our family and friends, our customers and clan.

Thus far, we’ve churned out our Grey Ghost Wheated Rye (sold out), a Bottled in Bond Bourbon (8 left!), and a Bottled in Bond Wheat whiskey (only 32 more).

This week we’ve put together a special little treat for bourbon month—and by little we mean so few bottles. The reason so few? We’re allowing ourselves a teeny bit of fun—and don’t we all just need a dose of that right now?

We’ve hunted through the warehouse and found three perfect small barrels:

  • One 10-gallon wheat barrel nearly three years old
  • One 5-gallon corn barrel at 2 ½ years old
  • One 10-gallon rye barrel, also nearly three years old

At 65% corn, 25% wheat, and 10% rye, we’ve swirled together a sumptuous blend—a luscious bourbon that is “Distillery Release Only.”

This means, as we have less than 30 bottles for sale, that snagging one of these beauties will happen either at Reservoir’s distillery itself, or online through our Virginia-only bottle shop.

The best part of this announcement? We’re putting it on sale! $39.99 for a 375ml bottle with just $5 shipping starting Wednesday, the 23rd.

Yeah, Bourbon month has us totally jazzed, and we’re hoping you’ll have a chance to enjoy one of these exceptional whiskies on offer before they’re gone for good. With our three founding bottles (100% wheat, corn, and rye whiskies), our warehouse holds a playground of remarkable combinations.

Come taste this one!