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The Milkman Returns!

June 10, 2021

All of us here at Reservoir have certain whiskies that we claim we’d rush to grab if the distillery were on fire and we could snag only one bottle. Between the lot of us, I think it’s fair to say there’d be a solid sampling of everything we make, so at least history would not be lost nor forgotten.

Funny enough, one thing we haven’t been able to put out of our minds for months is the memory of what Holland’s Milkman tasted like, as it was a whiskey we made and then sold in record time.

Holland's Milkman

So, when it was proclaimed that our second batch was finally ready for bottling and release, countless hands thrust their Glencairn glasses into the air toward the bottle over a chorus of, “GIMME!”

It’s really that good.

Holland’s Milkman was the second in line of a series that included Holland’s Ghost—a request to recreate an old 1960’s dusty to satiate the palate of the owner of Virginia’s largest whiskey bar, and Holland’s Bladerummer—where we finished our blend in a rum barrel for an extra 12 months.

But the Milkman has its own story.

With a silky-smooth blend of 15% Wheat, 70% Corn, and 15% Rye, we aged this whiskey for 2 years in quarter casks and then finished it off with a final 12-month nap in a 53-gallon Ardent Milk Stout Barrel.

Milk stouts are dark, thick ales with low carbonation. They have notes of sweetened coffee, espresso, and chocolates. When first mass produced in England in the early 1900s, they were marketed as a healthy tonic for invalids and nursing mothers.

Now we certainly wouldn’t go so far as to claim this whiskey will cure all that ails you, or that any infant should cut their teeth with a wee nip in their milk, but no doubt, this whiskey has put a glint in our eye and returned a skip to our step.

Breathe in a whiff of dry chai spices, honey, and cedar. Relish the taste of clove, sweet tea, and luscious dark chocolate. And finish that sip with a lingering spicy heat that slides home the flavors of cinnamon and cocoa.

To purchase this once a year treat, come visit the distillery for a curbside purchase. Or secure yours online by clicking right here.

Come try Holland's Milkman while it lasts, as it is gone in a flash!

Here’s to your health. May it be long lasting.

~Your Reservoir Family