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The World, Whiskey, & Winning

June 14, 2021

As if World Whisky Day could not get any better, we here at Reservoir are celebrating by releasing one of our whiskies that literally just won a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Holland’s Blade Rummer is a creative, international collaboration between Reservoir Distillery and select Jamaican rum distilleries. Blade Rummer’s mash bill is still the same 70% corn, 15% wheat, and 15% rye as our Holland’s Ghost (having fully aged separately in our five-gallon casks for 2 ½ years before being blended). Once we’ve imported our rum barrel, we let our blended whiskey soak in that sugarcane sunshine for an additional two years to create a truly unique take on a Reservoir bourbon.

If we needed any more “proof” that this whiskey is appealing to a universal palate, we’d say we received it when discovering that the only way to snag a double gold medal is when every judge on the 40-person panel simultaneously gives the whiskey a gold. Now that’s worth toasting.

  • Nose: Slightly minty and sweet like peppermint and burnt sugar. Warm cornbread.
  • Body: Sweet caramel/toffee with an herbal elixir feel
  • Finish: Rising warmth and sweetness turns to spicy cool wintergreen

The fifth batch of our Limited Time Offering, Holland’s Blade Rummer, is ready to fill your glasses and rise to the sky in honor of celebrating World Whisky Day (May 15th) with friends across our planet.

We definitely think this addition to our Holland’s limited time lineup is “jumping with the irie vibes!”

Available at Reservoir Distillery and online (here) starting May 14th