Summer & Fall Classes at Reservoir Distillery

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About The Event

Interested in learning a little something fun while drinking a little something fabulous?

Give us a holler and find out what's on offer for the summer and fall at Reservoir.

Bring your friends. We'll all have some fun!


Reservoir’s Whiskey Nosing & Tasting 101 Masterclass:

Join Shelley Sackier, Reservoir’s Director of Distillery Education, and learn four simple lessons in the art of nosing and tasting a spirit. Using samples of Reservoir’s Founding line of whiskies (wheat, corn, and rye), you will gain valuable and applicable knowledge you can then apply to your future evaluations, as you’ll never see spirits the same way again.

Class includes:

● Eyeing the glass

● Nosing the glass

● Tasting the glass

● The Finish

● The history and science of distillation

● Biology, fermentation, wood chemistry, climate impact, farming, and grain studies

● This event is capped at 15 participants

● This class is one hour: 30 minute class followed by 15 minute Q & A

● Each person will receive a Reservoir Glencairn glass

● Price per person is $72

Reservoir Distillery Night:

Enjoy an evening out at Reservoir Distillery as Reservoir’s team of experts take you on a production room floor tour, through a nosing and tasting class, behind the scenes to develop blending skills, and into the Tasting Room where you’ll learn the secrets of some of Reservoir’s killer cocktails. Light snacks, cocktails, and whiskey samples included.

Class includes:

● This class is performed as a multi-session event

● Sessions may include: production room tour, nosing and tasting class, an intro to blending, creating craft cocktails at-home, and a whiskey and food pairing

● Nosing and Tasting class consists of our Founding line of whiskies: wheat, corn, and rye

● This event is capped at 40 participants

● This is a 2-2.5 hour event. Event length varies based on the number of sessions included.

Sessions are typically 20 minutes

● Each person will receive a Reservoir Glencairn glass

● Price per person is $125

Contact our Events Coordinator, Rachel Bolling at rachel@reservoirdistillery.com